Your online forest management system

ForestHQ is a digital solution for forest owners and forest management companies.

ForestHQ brings all your data into one central platform to help you to manage your forest properties, maps, inventory, operations and clients.

At Treemetrics, our aim is to make forest management simpler and more profitable.

Forest Management Made Easy

ForestHQ facilitates the management of forest and organisation of forest work, including tools for forest inventories and harvesting operation

  • Map and Manage Your Forest

    Easy tools to map your forest, prepare your operations, keep track of your contractors and facilitate forest certification

  • Plan Your Forest Operations

    Manage clients’ properties, keep tasks and operations organized, improve efficiency of your team and improve communication with your customers

  • Simplify Your Forest Measurements

    Reduce time in collection and data analysis, improve the control of the fieldwork and automate the processing and reporting of the inventory data

  • Monitor Harvesting Operations

    Automate data analysis directly from the harvester logs, optimise the harvesting yield and move to a more remote monitoring of the operations

Simplicity through technology

ForestHQ offers full centralised visibility and communications for all essential forestry processes. The technology offers a fresh approach to managing forests by offering simple online tools and allowing you to easily integrate your existing platforms and systems. This system helps you to make decisions are based on data leading to improved log yield and increased profitability and sustainability of your forest.

Treemetrics has worked with forest owners, managers, consultants and organisations across the world