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Forest Mapping

Forest HQ has easy-to-use web based GIS that puts geospatial information into the hands of both technical and non-technical users. The map viewer allows the users view and explore all spatial data layers. Forest management unit layers and attribute data can be be preloaded, allowing users to quickly select the polygons they require. The online editing tools make it easy to draw your forest boundaries, modify compartments or forest stands and create sample inventory plots.

Operation Planning

ForestHQ planner is a intuitive forest planning and reporting tool. Plan and manage your forest operations supported by the latest mapping capabilities. Create multiple operations within a forest, with tasks that can be planned and assigned to users. Visualize and manage the operations in progress within your forests. Filter your operations and tasks by date and location.

Document Manager

Documents can be uploaded, stored and retrieved from the platform with cloud storage. Each document can be associated with a forest unit, operation or task. Users can share the document with other users within their work groups. These features allow the user to work from different devices and locations.

Field Task Management

Manage your operations by assigning tasks to individuals. Organize tasks such as fertilizing and roading in advance, and allow managers to see the current state of an operation at any point in time. The system automatically sends notifications for overdue tasks via email and SMS.

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Inventory Planning

ForestHQ allows a user to plan inventories using remote sensing (i.e. aerial imagery, LIDAR). It facillitates estimation of productive area, and the creation of strata and sampling plots in advance of your field visits.

Mobile App. for Inventory

The Treemetrics Forest application is a tool for collecting inventory data. This applications displays individual plot and tree locations to facilitate the navigation through the forest. All data collected from inventory can be seamlessly uploaded back to ForestHQ.

Wireless Device Connectivity

The Treemetrics' Forest application works with bluetooth enabled inventory tools. This includes electronic calipers, range finders, RFID scanners and GPRS receivers. This application also facillitates the collection of inventory data with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner .

Reports and Simulations

Traditional inventory or Terrestrial Laser Scanner data can be analysed for estimation of tree volume and timber products. Existing growth models can be integrated into the platform to predict the growth and future value of your forest. ForestHQ also comes with a tool for automatically creating and exporting standard reports.

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In-Vehicle Harvest Mapping

Treemetrics has developed an Android application to run on a tablet mounted within the harvesting and forwarding machines. New work site instructions can be sent to the tablet remotely. This application displays the machines' position and boundaries, facillitating the drivers navigation through the forest. This supports the protection of sensitive areas and improves the health and safety conditions in your harvesting operations.

Always-on Machine Communication

The in-vehicle Android application transfers the machine data seamlessly to the ForestHQ platform. Real-time harvesting production information and machine locations are made available to the harvest managers via the ForestHQ web application. Satellite and GPRS dual communication ensures 100% data transfer.

Harvest Production Management

As each log is cut, it is transmitted onto the platform for realtime viewing and data analysis. The information can be queried at a single or multiple machine/forest level and date range. Log product breakout, volumes and locations of activity are easily accessed. This allows managers to manage more effectively and enables greater control over operations and resources.

Road-side Stock Management

This view displays the amount of timber stock forwarded to the roadside in real time. The volume and type of each log pile is displayed with its location and time of drop-off. This improves roadside stock management in an easy-to-use fashion and allows for more efficient truck dispatch and timber security.

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