Three Products, One Platform

Forest HQ is a central platform which takes all of your data from your devices and existing platforms into one central place, anytime, anywhere.

Forest HQ is a cloud based forest management platform that offers full, realtime, centralised visibility and communications for all essential forestry processes.

Built by foresters, the technology offers a fresh approach to managing forests by allowing you to easily integrate your existing platforms and systems.

The beauty of Forest HQ is in its ability to allow many different devices to communicate with each other in real-time over multiple locations. For the first time, decisions are based on data leading to improved log yield and increased profitability and sustainability of your forest.

How it works

Forest HQ encompasses a number of different technology modules, which work collectively to capture, analyse and interpret your forestry data and information.

The three core modules; Manage, Measure and Harvest deliver a full 360 view of your forest from the moment you measure it, to the moment you harvest your logs.