Our Technology

is a cloud based platform which uses satelite technology and mobile devices, alongside planning and analytical tools to provide increased operational visibility. Using sophisticated software and intelligent data mining, the solution delivers accurate forest appraisals and live harvest control, enabling you to optimise the value of your forest at the touch of a button.


The manage module allows you to efficiently plan and control your operations from one central platform. This technology uses multiple sources of imagery and resource management tools to give you a clearer overview of your plots and operations. Seamless integration of your latest LiDAR, drone, satellite imagery, and GIS data means that it can easily work alongside your existing systems.

  • layersOnline GIS
    • Map viewer allows user to view and explore spatial data layers
    • Unit laters and attribute data can be preloaded, allowing users to select required polygons
    • Online editing tools allow you to draw forest boundaries, modify compartments or forest stands and create sample inventory plots
  • assignmentActivity Scheduling
    • Filter by date and operation
    • Reporting tool
    • Share information with contractors and clients
    • Create workgroups to share documents and tasks
    • Schedule operations such as fertilising and reading in advances
    • Check current state of operation e.g. Completed
    • Remote access and file sharing for all employees
    • Alerts and prompts issued to staff to ensure work is carried out
  • assignment_indManagement Planning
    • Manage single and multiple operations from a central view
    • Plan forest operations supported by latest mapping capabilities
    • Create multiple operations within a forest, with tasks that can be planned and assigned to users
    • Visualise and manage operations in progress within the forest
  • check_circleForest Certification
    • Documents and licenses uploaded, stored and retrieved from platform - with cloud storage
    • Assign tasks and set alerts when tasks are overdue via email or SM- Monitor all contracts and licenses from one central platform


The measure tools provide greater efficiency and precision for inventory planning, data collection, analysis and reporting. This leading edge technology enables you and your team to measure your forest using all existing measurement equipment and to transfer data collected via Bluetooth and GPRS technology. The primary benefit for your business lies in the ability of the technology to accurately calculate the productive area of your forest before you begin to harvest. This leads to greater precision which in turn leads to increased profitability for your forest.

  • filter_dramaCreate Inventory Plan
    • Plan inventories using remote sensing (aerial imagery, LIDAR)
    • Estimate productive area
    • Create strata and sampling plots in advance of field visits
    • Upload shape files or draw your own shapes or boundaries
    • Store and analyse your aerial imagery
  • placeCollect Data with Mobile App
    • Hands free mobile app displays individual plot and tree locations to faciliate navigation through the forest
    • Forest HQ app works with Bluetooth enabled inventory tools including electornic calipers, range finders, RFID scanners and GPRS receivers.
    • Easy data transfer to Forest HQ cloud
    • GPS enable to improve control of the field work and data traceability
  • whatshotAutomated Inventory Analysis
    • Automated analysis of the inventory data using the most suitable methodology
    • Integration of your company taper models or volume tables
    • Easy combination of remote sensing and field data
    • Includes a module for Terrestrial Laser Scanner data analysis
    • Support remote inventories based on LiDAR and image analysis
    • Facilitates the calibration/validation process
    • Ready to work with Pixel-based and Single Tree detection inventories
  • whatshotGrowth and Harvest Simulations
    • Create several harvesting cross-cut scenarios to maximise the benefit during the harvesting
    • Accurate tree-level harvest simulations based on Taper equations, Terrestrial Laser Scanner or harvested data
    • Existing growth models can be integrated into the platform to predict growth and future value
    • Create and export automated reports


A solution for better harvest management, enabling streamlined data collection and analysis at your fingertips. The Harvest Module enables you to monitor your harvest operations and wood flow over multiple locations. This enables better decisions to improve log yield and profits, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

  • filter_dramaImprove Log Yield
    • Easy data transmission after each log is cut
    • Up-to-date comparison harvested vs. targeted
    • Useful indicators for early detection of issues during harvesting
    • Accurate reports of log product breakout, volumes and locations of activity
    • Simulations to optimize your cutting decisions to improve yield of higher value logs
    • Update the work instructions and send them to machine remotely
  • placeEasy Communication
    • Easy two way data communication between machines and Forest HQ's cloud.
    • Simple mobile app gathers information from the machines and synchronises with ForestHQ
    • Automated harvesting data collection directly from harvester logs (stem files, log production, calibration reports, etc)
    • Secure and intelligent communication without user interaction
  • whatshotRoadside Stock
    • Monitor forwarded timber
    • Monitor manual harvesting with our mobile app
    • Greater integration between harvesting and forwarding operations
  • whatshotHarvesting Management
    • Centralised view of all the harvesting operations to facilitate remote monitoring
    • Positioning for improved data traceability and visibility
    • Remote control of the machines work and productivity
    • Robust device mounted inside harvesting and forwarding machines to enable navigation and communicators
    • Suitable for all CTL machine types
    • On-board navigation system to improve operators safety and efficiency
    • Operator messages and boundary alerts to improve Health and Safety