Remote Harvest Monitoring

Manage harvesting contractors

Track harvest progress

Monitor log product optimisation performance

Harvester stem locations online

HarvestSync App (android) for onboard data collection with auto-syncing

StanForD production files online

Automated Data Transfer from Harvesting Machine

  • Load files collect from harvesting machines directly to ForestHQ
  • Android mobile application to automatically retrieve production files from Harvesting Machine
  • Compatibile with the StanForD file format, the dominant standard for harvesting machines

Remote Harvesting Management

  • Centralised onlione portal for all harvesting operations for remote monitoring of harvesting productivity
  • Online monitoring of harvesting machine activity and productivity
  • Online mapping of harvesting machine progress including the cut stem locations
  • Online graphical dashboard charting log product volume and log product breakout

Automated Log Yield Analysis

  • Automated data analysis of data from the harvester production files
  • Display mapped position for each stem cut for better traceability and visibility
  • Harvester coverage maps

Harvesting Productivity

  • Information (location, time, volume, length, diameters) for each log that is cut
  • Comparison of harvested versus targeted production data
  • Productivity statistics: logs cut per day, working hours, etc.