A solution for better harvest management, enabling streamlined data collection and analysis at your fingertips. The Harvest Module enables you to monitor your harvest operations and wood flow in real-time over multiple locations.

This enables better decisions to improve log yield and profits, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Improve Log Yield

  • Once logs are cut, the data is transmitted to the platform for real-time analysis
  • Log product breakout, volumes and locations of activity easily accessed
  • Automated transmission of stem files, log production, calibration reports and GPS data
  • Simulate and optimize your cutting decisions to improve yield of higher value logs.

Real Time Information

  • Real time data communication
  • Android app runs on a tablet mounted inside harvesting and forwarding machines
  • Suitable for all CTL machine types
  • New work instructions sent to machine remotely
  • Satellite and GPRS dual communication facilitates 100% data transfer, even in extreme conditions

Communicate Wirelessly

  • Only solution that supports collection of inventory data using a terrestrial laser scanner
  • Transfer data seamlessly and safely from field to Forest HQ cloud

Roadside Stock

  • Monitor forwarded timber
  • Monitor manual harvesting with our mobile app
  • Greater integration between harvesting and forwarding operations

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Forest HQ's Harvest module is a completely unique product in forest management.

The primary benefit it will bring to your business is heightened visibility of log production in real-time. You can see exactly what is being cut, where it is being cut and how much product you are cutting in an instant. You will also be able to analyse log production within specific date and time ranges and integrate harvest inventory data to make better predictions.

Ultimately, you can be guaranteed a much greater return on investment with your harvesting operations.

  • Reduced cost of forest inventory
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce administrative tasks with automated data transfer
  • Combine your data in one central place
  • Impress customers

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