The manage module allows you to efficiently plan and control your operations from one central platform. This technology uses multiple sources of imagery and resource management tools to give you a clearer overview of your plots and operations.

Seamless integration of your latest LiDAR, drone, satellite imagery, and GIS data means that it can easily work alongside your existing systems.

Online GIS

  • Map viewer allows user to view and explore spatial data layers
  • Unit layers and attribute data can be preloaded, allowing users to select required polygons
  • Online editing tools allow you to draw forest boundaries, modify compartments or forest stands and create sample inventory plots

Activity Scheduling

  • Filter by date and operation
  • Reporting tool
  • Share information with contractors and clients
  • Create workgroups to share documents and tasks
  • Schedule operations such as fertilising and reading in advances
  • Check current state of operation e.g. Completed
  • Remote access and file sharing for all employees
  • Alerts and prompts issued to staff to ensure work is carried out

Management Planning

  • Manage single and multiple operations from a central view
  • Plan forest operations supported by latest mapping capabilities
  • Create multiple operations within a forest, with tasks that can be planned and assigned to users
  • Visualise and manage operations in progress within the forest

Forest Certification

  • Documents and licenses uploaded, stored and retrieved from platform - with cloud storage
  • Assign tasks and set alerts when tasks are overdue via email or SM- Monitor all contracts and licenses from one central platform

Learn how our customers have been using the Manage modulearrow_forward

The Manage module will give you greater control of your forest operations and allow you to keep a close eye on every aspect of forest management for a single forest or multiple forests.

Automation means that scheduling activities and operations for your staff becomes much easier and more efficient. You can also be assured that you will continue to maintain legal and environmental obligations as the system automatically keeps track of license deadlines etc.

  • Optimise response to changing conditions of your forest, in real-time
  • More efficient management control
  • Take control of your forest from one central place
  • Keep closer eye on your forest operations and staff
  • Ensure you are up to date in all areas
  • Multiple forests managed in one place

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