The measure module provides greater efficiency and precision for inventory planning, data collection, analysis and reporting. This leading edge technology enables you and your team to measure your forest using all existing measurement equipment and to transfer data collected via Bluetooth and GPRS technology. The primary benefit for your business lies in the ability of the technology to accurately calculate the productive area of your forest before you begin to harvest. This leads to greater precision which in turn leads to increased profitability for your forest.

Create inventory plan

  • Plan inventories using remote sensing (aerial imagery, LIDAR)
  • Estimate productive area
  • Create strata and sampling plots in advance of field visits
  • Upload shape files or draw your own shapes or boundaries
  • Store and analyse your aerial imagery

Collect Data with Mobile app

  • Hands free mobile app displays individual plot and tree locations to faciliate navigation through the forest
  • Forest HQ app works with Bluetooth enabled inventory tools including electornic calipers, range finders, RFID scanners and GPRS receivers.

Communicate Wirelessly

  • Only solution that supports collection of inventory data using a terrestrial laser scanner
  • Transfer data seamlessly and safely from field to Forest HQ cloud

Generate Report and Harvest Simulation

  • Calculate productive area based on aerial imagery
  • Create and export automated reports
  • Traditional inventory or terrestrial laser scanner data can be analysed for tree volume and timber product estimation
  • Existing growth models can be integrated into the platform to predict growth and future value

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The measure module is an integral component of Forest HQ as it combines all of the different sets of data from all different devices into one central platform.

Measuring your plots with greater accuracy enables you to present a much clearer view ofyour forest and also increases the profitability of your forest as you know what materials are present, where in the forest they are and when the optimum time is to initiate log cutting.

  • Reduced cost of forest inventory
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce administrative tasks with automated data transfer
  • Combine your data in one central place
  • Impress customers

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