Adding value for our clients

“It's made our team work much more efficiently, the information now is much more accurate, and it's presented in a user friendly way. So the client can see what's in their forest and where in the forest it is."

- John Roche, Arbor Forest Management

“I believe it's going to be an absolute game changer, it's going to revolutionise how Coillte carries out it's harvesting operations."

- Mark Carlin, Coillte

“For the first time, we have uploaded every client, and every forest we have in to one platform. That is there at the touch of button on ForestHQ"

- Paddy Bruton, Forestry Services

Coillte, State Forestry Company, Ireland

Coillte has been working with Treemetrics now for a number of years to continually develop a Harvest solution based on the core Harvest module in ForestHQ. Since then, the solution has helped Coillte to monitor Harvesting activities in real-time and has helped to improve harvest monitoring efficiency by over 30%.

Forest Owners Association, Small Forest Owners, Ireland

The IFA’s forestry division represents most small forest owners in Ireland and the association represents this sector , providing advice and support to forest owners across the country. The IFA’s primary aim is to continually improve forest sustainability in Ireland.

Forestry Company, Forestry Management Company, Ireland

The Forestry Company approached Treemetrics in 2016, seeking a more comprehensive forest management system. They wanted a simple, flexible and dynamic forest management system which would enable them to digitally transform their operations.

Silvador RSL, Timber Harvesting, Romania

Silvador Forest covers a range of exploitation and processing activities, i.e. cutting any type of timber (beams or ties) and any essence (oak, beech, hornbeam, lime, cherry, ash, maple, etc.). The company contacted Treemetrics early in 2015, seeking a customised integrated forest management system with specific requirements to meet Romanian regulations