Your online forest management solution

Centralised visibility and communications

Online forest mapping

Manage forests with simple online tools

Integrate with your existing platform

Gain understanding to optimise log yield

Forest Land Management

  • Create and manage your forest properties
  • Easily map forest sub-compartments online
  • Import data from your existing GIS software

Activity Scheduling

  • Plan and organise forest activities by date
  • Assign forest activities/tasks to other users
  • Share documents and tasks
  • Associate documents with forests and forest activities
  • Manage and track felling licences, permits and grants
  • Alerts and prompts issued when tasks fall due

Management and Reporting

  • Manage forest properties and client database online
  • Plan forest operations supported by latest mapping capabilities
  • Create multiple operations within a forest, with tasks that can be planned and assigned to users
  • Visualise and manage operations in progress within the forest

Documents and Forest Certification

  • Online document management
  • Online storage and sharing of documents required for certification
  • Email documents directly from ForestHQ