Forest Valuation

Know before you sell

Simple, automated forest valuation

Rapid measurement with the Arboreal app (iOS)

Online mapping of inventories with location-based metrics

Get a second opinion on your valuation

Online Marketplace with ForestBidder

online inventory analysis timber product breakdown digital maps valuation reports

Create inventory plan

  • Draw or import your forest boundaries
  • Plan your inventory and estimate forest productive area
  • Store and analyse your aerial imagery

Collect Data with Mobile app

  • Collect data with the Arboreal App for iOS
  • Lighter single-device alternative to electronic caliper and hypsometer measurements via bluetooth
  • Automated data transfer to ForestHQ cloud
  • GPS-enabled to improve field work control and traceability

Automated Inventory Analysis and Valuation

  • Automated analysis of the inventory data
  • Estimation of the log product volume and carbon content
  • Accurate forest valuation based on timber products

Growth and Harvesting Simulation

  • Estimation of the log product output based on virtual harvesting scenarios
  • Growth models can be implemented on the platform to predict growth and future timber value
  • Automatically generate reports

Online Marketplace with ForestBidder

  • Market and sell your forest online
  • Online forest auctions with ForestBidder