Treemetrics to premiere leading forest management platform at world’s largest forestry fair

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This week, Forestry companies from across the world will come together in Sweden, to enjoy a showcase of technology and equipment designed to enable the forestry industry to work better and smarter.

Treemetrics has chosen the Elmia Wood fair as a way of showcasing our world leading forest management platform, Forest HQ and we’re currently preparing demonstrations to present to potential customers.

Forest HQ, helps forest owners, managers and consultants to manage forests more efficiently and to optimise log production using real-time data and insights in one central platform.

At Elmia Wood, we will be demonstrating our technology using tablets and computers and showcasing the various tools associated with our technology, such as specially designed laser scanners.

The team will be setting off on Monday 5th June and making the long 2,449km journey from Ireland to Jönköping, Sweden.

We welcome anyone interested in maximising the profitability and sustainability of their forests, to come and try out our technology and see for yourself how it could help your business.

If you would like to arrange a one to one meeting with us at Elmia to discuss your needs, please feel free to email us today to arrange. We look forward to meeting you all there

Directions to our stand – Stand 913, large scale demonstration path:

An online map can be found here

1. At the entrance head left
2. Follow the path to site 485 and go right
3. At site no. 482 head left this brings you onto the large scale demo path
4. At site 801 (facing you)take the right path
5. At site 536 take the left path
6. Follow this path around the bend and Treemetrics will be the 13th site on the left hand side.